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Boy On Field Hockey Team Creates Controversy
posted by Scott on Saturday November 04, @06:50PM
from the inequality dept.
Inequality Jim Castelli writes "Lisa Knight, field hockey coach of Martha's Vinyard High School Field Hockey team complained about Nate Coolidge playing on the girl's field hockey team from Sandwich. After losing to the Sandwich team coach Knight stated, '...Coolidge has no business competing with girls....I'm big on equality in women's sports...In this country, it's a female sport...Men are going to be bigger, stronger, faster. He's clearly the dominant player on the field. Without him Sandwich would not be the team they are.' But men and women are equal, aren't they Lisa?" You can read the Boston Globe article here.

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Beating them at their own game (Score:1)
by BusterB on Tuesday November 07, @07:16PM EST (#1)
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OK, I'm willing to give Lisa Knight the benefit of the doubt. After all, the quote that they included in the article didn't make any sense, even after I read it four times. Nonetheless, the spectacle of a coach saying, "Hey, I believe in equality... but not this much equality!" Gave me a fit of the giggles. The people beside me at work wondered what the hell I was laughing at. However, who could not laugh at this?

Still, Lisa Knight, coach of the Martha's Vineyard High School varsity field hockey team, echoed the opinions of some other coaches in saying that Coolidge has no business competing with girls.

"I disagree, for the clear reason that, number one, I'm big on equality in women's sports," Knight said, after her team lost recently to Sandwich, 2-1. "I think he comes and he displaces a young lady that would be playing on that team."

Oh, absolutely. And then there are all of those female business executives that come and "displace" a fine young man that could be making good money... :-)

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