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Private Donations And Title IX
posted by Scott on Friday November 03, @08:17AM
from the news/Title-IX dept.
News There is a new conflict surrounding Title IX, and this one seems absurd. Schools are now starting to require private donation funds, such as booster clubs, to donate equally to men and women's sports, or not to donate at all. As it was put in the article: "'We're the ones who have been out here working to make money, and ... they're now telling us how we can spend it,' says Mrs. Proctor, president of the booster club, whose son is a center and linebacker on the team. 'If we would like our boys to go to Louisville and be a part of a passing competition, and we have the money, why can't we send them?'" You can read the Christian Science Monitor article here.

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What next? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Friday November 03, @02:23PM EST (#1)
So what's going to happen next? Why don't they just make laws that require spectators to attend sporting events in equal gendered proportions, or force advertisers to spend the same amount of money on men and women's basketball, say.

If this goes any further, that's exactly what's going to happen.
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