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The End Of Boyhood?
posted by Scott on Tuesday October 31, @05:57PM
from the boys/young-men dept.
Boys/Young Men Jim Castelli writes "An article by Alex Beam appearing in the Boston Globe today, is entitled Tom Sawyer and the End of Boyhood. According to the article, since the 1960's the natural spirit of boyhood has been turned into a psychological illness. The writing of William Pollack (Real Boys) is cited as one of the most egregious examples of pathologizing what had been considered normal boy behavior. From the article: "If Tom Sawyer were a boy in school today he would most likely be in therapy three times a week and jacked up on Ritalin." Is there a correlation between the rise of "male-bashing feminism" and the pathologizing of normal boys behavior? Let's see, most teachers in grades K-12 are women schooled in the contemporary "male-bashing feminism" begun in the 1960's. You decide!"

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