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GAL System Under Review in MA
posted by Scott on Thursday October 26, @10:16PM
from the news/family-court dept.
News Joe Dunbar sent me this article from the Massachusetts section of law.com on the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) system, which represents a child's interests in family court often when allegations of domestic violence or drug abuse are involved. Joe has had some direct exposure with this system and is in support of its reform, and writes, "I am trying to help parents and children in the Massachusetts court system - Middlesex County. If you're from that area and have ever been treated unfairly by attorney and GAL Vicki Shemin or Judge Judith Dilday, please e-mail me. Documented cases of fee disputes or irrational custody recommendations by Shemin would be of particular interest. Shemin extorted over $26,000 from my family, then reversed her first two custody recommendations when I objected to her bill. I am also looking for ideas to help the MA probate courts with use of GALs and other bulletin boards to post this to."

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