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Divorce Makes Men Richer; Women Poorer?
posted by Scott on Tuesday October 24, @04:41AM
from the divorce dept.
Divorce Here's an interesting article from the UK Observer which states that men's financial status tends to improve after divorce, while women's worsens. "Divorce is a complete mess for women...The odds of getting a fair divorce settlement are quite simply stacked against women." It does make sense when you think of it this way - women are often a drain on the man's generally higher income, so even if she takes a piece of it when she leaves, she's going to be worse off financially in the long run, while he can often recover. Still, I know of too many men that have been decimated in divorce settlements, and struggle through a lot of emotional pain that interferes with their ability to advance their careers. Where is the sympathy for them? IHF submitted this story.

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Re: Divorce Makes Men Richer; Women Poorer? (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Tuesday October 24, @09:46AM EST (#1)
Don't you know that when men divorce & come off financially better off then women REGARDLESS of if she makes more money than him is because generally men aren't really men because for some reason when they do divorce they (some) don't feel oblidged to continue help taking care of THEIR kids therefore the women is left with the "burden" and her financial status shows just that... so I guess child support really is out of the question.
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