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Long Choice For Men Article In Salon
posted by Scott on Thursday October 19, @11:57AM
from the reproductive-rights dept.
Reproductive Rights Salon magazine printed this feature length article on male reproductive rights. It's written by Cathy Young, who takes a conservative pro-male view in most of her writings. This one, however, I feel a bit mixed about. She seems sympathetic to men and understands some of the double standards and injustice of the situation, but more or less dismisses current challenges to law or solutions to the problem. But it certainly is a thoughtful and engaging article, and more press for the issue. Thanks to Alan from the new Choice4Men list for submitting it.

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Another C4M e-mail list. (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Thursday October 19, @08:19AM EST (#1)
(User #3 Info) http://www.vortxweb.net/gorgias/mens_issues/index.html
I mentioned the "new" Choice4Men e-mail list, which is moderated, but also want to let everyone know of the original one, which details can be found at the www.choiceformen.com web site.

I personally subscribe to both.

Salon article and lists. (Score:1)
by The Ox (oxfordsystems@removetoreply.usa.net) on Thursday October 19, @08:15PM EST (#2)
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I will have to disagree on the Salon article by Cathy Young. I thought that it was a masterful piece of work in strong support of Choice4Men and that it went to great lengths to point out the hypocrisy of arguements that run counter to the simmering movement.

Ms. Young stated some of the obstacles to favorbale rulings and in light of what we know from past experience I think she was spot on. It shouldn't be viewed as discouraging but instead as a statement of the challenge that we face. It will take many more getting involved over a long period of time to effect the sort of sea change of opinion required to gain the favor of lawmakers and the courts.

As to the lists, your efforts in "bending over backwards" to be fair are commendable. One point for those who are considering joining one or both lists to take into account is that the E-Groups list is moderated. Moderated does not equate with censored. It equates on an on topic forum without petty personal attacks or agendas. All are welcome to join and participate with no approval required.

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