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American Bar Association And DV Stats
posted by Scott on Tuesday October 17, @05:15PM
from the domestic-violence dept.
Domestic Violence Marc Angelucci writes "I'm glad there's been some domestic violence postings here lately, because the American Bar Association Journal, which has a circulation of 400,000 nationwide, just printed this article on domestic violence that opens with 'about 90 percent of victims are women.' How about we send them some mail, even just a quick e-mail message (abajournal@abanet.org), so they might print some of it?" Read on for Marc's explanation of the statistics that will be useful in your letters...

As most of us know, the "90 percent" figure comes from DOJ crime reports and archival data (based on reported incidents), which are way underinclusive for male victims because men are about ten times less likely to report it due to the lack of services, fear of arrest or losing custody of children, ridicule, etc. The vast majority of random survey data, which is far more accurate, shows women and men batter each other at equal rates, for the same reasons, and usually not in self defense:


Of course, we also know from reading Philip Cook's Abused Men that feminists have used their influence in the DV industry to suppress this data for three decades so they can protect their theory that DV stems from "patriarchy." So men like my friend, who's drunk wife battered him for years with a knife or broken glass, are barred from shelters so that feminists can further their political agenda.

Marc Angelucci

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