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Standing While Urinating Represents Contempt For Women
posted by Scott on Monday October 16, @07:42AM
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News I kid you not. According to this UK Sunday Times article, submitted by Rand, it is becoming established in Sweden that allowing men to stand while urinating (even at urinals) constitutes contempt for women, and men are encouraged to sit instead. I suppose there really is no limit to the humiliation and shame men are willing to accept for being male. This is ridiculous.

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Standing up for your right to urinate (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Monday October 16, @12:42PM EST (#1)
According to one of the female regulars on National Public Radio's "Rewind," October 7th program, women don't always sit on a toilet; they "hover." This really is the word she used. The results are predictably messy, that's what she was complaining about.

If they're going to do that they need to be taught to lift the seat. Like we do.

Here's how I see it.... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Monday October 16, @01:04PM EST (#2)
Isn't this what freud called "dick envy"? come on,it's so obvious :) women resent the fact that they have to put loo seat up (that's how it works ladies) so what you should do is not lift the seat up in the first place, if one is inclined towards that "kind" of equality....
Re:Here's how I see it.... (Score:1)
by fritzc77 on Tuesday October 17, @12:43AM EST (#3)
(User #28 Info)
This entire issue reminds me of something Warren Farrell said in one of his books; let's see if I remember the gist of it correctly: if standing while urinating is a sign of male dominance, and the home is the bastion of male dominance, then why don't homes have urinals in them? See what I mean?
      As for these feminists[male or female] denying they are man haters, now THAT reminds me of something Emerson said, "Do not say things; what you are, stands over you the while, and thunders, so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary."
      What I am saying is, if these people want to deny it, let them! We know the truth, and can't be shy about saying so.

Standing while peeing... (Score:1)
by bernee on Tuesday October 17, @04:11AM EST (#4)
(User #24 Info)
What total idiocy this "sitting to urinate" push is! This article is a well written rebuttal of feminist propoganda. We can only hope that more of the mainstream media published such articles and (finallY) begin to discredit the feminist bandwagon.
Standing to Pee (Removal of Urinals) (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Wednesday October 18, @08:12PM EST (#5)
(User #3 Info) http://www.vortxweb.net/gorgias/mens_issues/index.html
I'm posting this for Claude Saint-Jarre, stjc@info-internet.net:

I think this idea of men being arrogant and patriarchal by standing to pee is a bit too exagereted. Can you imagine hunters in the past sitting in the woods to pee, not to be arrogant to women, who are themselves far away sitting around a fire preparing food for the kids? These days, the use of urinals... is very ecological because they do not use a lot of water. We live in times of water scarcity. I know there is oceans but we have collectively choosen -unwisely- not to desalinate water. So we must search and practice resources efficiency and water is a very important one.

Deep masculinity is ecological but no men identify thamselves as eco masculists, although there is tens of thousands involved in the environment movement. Flushing toilets uses much more water than urinals. We never thought of forcing women to stand up to pee because of that; that would be certainly ecofacism. A few dacades ago, I remember seeing women standing up to pee, for egality, in a magazine! Where are the ecofeminists on this matter? They should defend men and request that toilets become as water efficient as urinals and work on urinal's water efficiency also. Buckminster Fuller, a great man who wrote and spoke about Equal Rights Amendment( ERA), was looking for the " Success of Humanity", peacefully and ecologically. He was the first one to propose to do more with less of resources and energy. But this philosophy has been used to do more with less humans and create unemployment( many men, as shows Andrew Kimbrell), instead of doing more with less energy and materials. This man defended women( through supporting ERA),-did not think of defending men's right,- but women did not defend his thinking of doing more with less. In fact, we sometimes learn , that women consumes much more than men in almost all areas and therefore are responsable of an important part of the environment problems. So the theme of the link between overconsumption and the environment should be explored, for both genders,( lets be nice once more) and never loose the ecojustice view. I personnaly like the movement " The Natural Step", which started as a scientific consensus obtained by an oncologist (yes,a man) doctor Karl-Henrik Robert. This consensus can serve as a compass to guide us to a just and sustainable future. Will it be men and women standing up or sitting down to pee in this future? Gender reconciliation , perhaps with Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron might help to find out. (they offered us their book: What Women and Men Really Want Creating deeper understanding& love in our relationships). I also enjoy a lot the " living machines" of the man John Todd and his companion Nancy Todd who writes beautifully. Living machines do waste water treatment naturally. Please read " From Living Machines to Ecocities". And The Rocky Mountain Institute does a great work on resource efficiency; http://www.rmi.org/ (Their book Natural Capitalism in free on line.) Women, I am not arrogant to you if I stand up to pee; I am trying to not be arrogant to nature. Are you? To request men to give up water efficiency use is too much anthropocentrist, not enough biocentrist as the new ecozoic era that we should create demands. Lets aim for the " success of Humanity", ecologically, peacefully and , may I add: joyfully! claude saint-jarre
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