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Gender Violence In The Media
posted by Scott on Monday October 09, @10:58AM
from the inequality/double-standards dept.
Inequality Marc Angelucci writes "The L.A. Weekly wrote this piece in its Off Beat News section that draws attention to a web site where you can slap an animated caricature of Hillary Clinton. The author criticizes the political right for their claim to civility by asking "where were they when [David Horowitz] put up a web site called SlapHillary.com?" I'd like to ask, where was the L.A. Weekly when Spin City did a commercial in which Heather Lochlear repeatedly slapped Michael J. Fox for comedy, or when Hillary reportedly threw furniture at Bill years ago? The L.A. Weekly has never denounced the media bombardment of assaults on male genitals as humor, but one rare site like this comes up on the web, and they're all over it. Let's write the L.A. Weekly at letters@laweekly.com about this. The more letters, the more likely they'll print some."

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