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Columbia University's New Sexual Misconduct Policy
posted by Scott on Friday October 06, @08:24AM
from the news dept.
News An Anonymous User writes "Any man at this University needs to run away, and fast! This is an unbelievable, disgusting policy on sexual misconduct. Click here for the scoop" I actually felt sick as well after reading details of the new policy. If something like this spreads to other Universities and beyond it could be the biggest blow to men's civil rights ever unleashed (even more so than the paternity testing issue I mentioned a few stories previously).

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Columbia Univ. New Sexual Misconduct Policy (Score:1)
by fritzc77 on Sunday October 08, @02:06AM EST (#1)
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Hello, this is fritzc77, and if you read my opinion about the Zeller case, you have probably figured out where I am going to stand on this one. As has been pointed out already, this policy could have repurcussions beyond the premises of Columbia University[I keep wanting to say "walls," instead of premises; why does so much of what comes from radical feminists, and the men, though I admit I hesitate to call them that, who subscribe to their views, sound it like it came from the neo-NAZI's, or some other hate group, that sound like they live in an armed camp?]
      So it doesn't matter if you think your opinion isn't relevant[it is, although the people who drafted this policy and the people who inspired them, probably don't want you to know that], and it also doesn't matter if don't think you write very well, just WRITE or SPEAK OUT. If you already care enough to read this, you care ENOUGH,so just do SOMETHING!
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