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When Will Men Stand Up For Themselves?
posted by Scott on Wednesday October 04, @06:08PM
from the inequality dept.
Inequality Walter Williams from Jewish World Review wrote his latest column on the trash that men are putting up with in the media and elsewhere, and his belief that it is time for men to stop being cowards and stand up for themselves. Although I recall most of the material he refers to from John Leo's article (which he gives credit to), it is good to hear another voice calling out to encourage men to do something.

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When will men stand up for themselves? (Score:1)
by fritzc77 on Thursday October 05, @12:16AM EST (#1)
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Good question! Men have GOT to put their foot down and say, "Enough." I mean, let women say "Lighten up" or "Get over it" or "Get used to it" If that's the worst they can do, let them! And if women do say, "Oh, get over it," then I suggest a man might say, " Oh, get over it, huh? So tell me, do women GET OVER IT?" Women don't just GET OVER IT, do they? And they shouldn't, but men are expected to, because women don't seem to want to deal with the REALITY of men's emotions. This is why I believe that, despite women's reputation for being the stronger, more nurturing gender, we as men CANNOT rely on them to nurture us emotionally, because they are only really interested in having us worry about THEIR emotions instead, for whatever reason[call it evolution, social conditioning, hard-wiring, etc.] We as men ALSO have to acknowledge the reality of our emotions[which is not the same as giving in to them or being controlled by them], and that may the real first step before we can get women to see that they are hurting us when they say, "Get over it."

Re:When will men stand up for themselves? (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Thursday October 05, @07:08AM EST (#2)
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You bring up two really good points - that often the biggest inhibitor to getting men to express their emotions is that women don't want to hear them, and also that men can acknowledge and not repress their emotions without being continually overtaken by them.

I'm actually writing a letter to a local newspaper about some articles they had on "redefining masculinity", which more or less means to make men more like women, according to the authors' views. I'll see if I can fit these ideas in it (it's already fairly long).


Gender War (Score:1)
by cshaw on Friday October 06, @08:28PM EST (#3)
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Men must realize that they are, in fact, in an socio-economic-cultural-political war with women and organize to prevent their being subjugated completely. In this war, men must not adopt the ruthless tactics of women as this just validates women's unethical and tyrannical behavior. Men should organize and fully realize the seriousness of the situation and the fact that the current Western socio-political-economic-cultural milieu will not support them in defending their fundamental civil rights. Only a radical change in the same can lead to the equitable treatment of men which change can only be promulgated by a highly organized and forceful men's movement which has the courage to make the sacrifices to challenge the current oppressive system.
Re:Gender War (Score:1)
by Captain CS on Wednesday November 01, @07:30PM EST (#4)
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It is going to take time, but I see more and more men and organizations developing concerning mens rights. However, I also believe we have to put our foot down with lawws that pertain to a specific group of people. Anytime a law is passed concerning 1 group, another group suffers. An example is the new law in CA allowing a women to abandon her child. What about the men? But, as you well know, we are men so "lets just get over it and take it like a man". My solution is simple, lets pack our bags, guys head back for Mars, gals to Venus.
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