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MA Schoolteacher Falsely Accused?
posted by Scott on Sunday October 01, @10:35AM
from the news dept.
News Jim Castelli writes, "This Boston Globe article is about a male teacher who stands accused by two female students for sexual harassment in the classroom. The accuser, and another female student, testified that their accusations came after they participated in a health class on sexual harassment. Despite contradictions in their testimony, the prosecution is proceeding in its case. After 26 years of teaching science at a school in Cambridge with no previous accusations, Louis Silva finds his career, his reputation, and his freedom, on the line in a Cambridge Courtroom. School officials would not comment on the case, abandoning Mr Silva to face his accusers alone. Where are Mr Silva's fellow teachers (both men and women) in his hour of need? Has the tyranny of male-bashing-feminism rendered his collegues too afraid to speak up on behalf of Mr Silva and other men who are the targets of this modern day McCarthyism?"

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