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Culture Conflict: Latinos And Statutory Rape
posted by Scott on Saturday September 16, @04:13PM
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News Stephen Jacobs submitted this article on a surprising finding: an overwhelming majority of statutory rape convictions are made against Latino men, including those who are successfully married and raising a family. The convictions often tear families apart, and it seems that in Latino culture, having young girls married at an early age is commonplace. There is considerable contempt for men in the article: "'Sure, there are those cases where there's a baby and the father is sticking around and paying the bills and nobody wishes he was reported,' [Santa Clara District Attorney] said. `But you don't know how long he will be there.'"

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A couple of notes. (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Saturday September 16, @04:41PM EST (#1)
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I recognize that some people may think I'm promoting a double standard when it comes to statutory rape - after all, I have posted stories which rail against the leniency of sentencing and the like when boys are victims of statutory rape.

My personal view is that I'd like a clear, enforced standard when it comes to this issue. Either: when the sex can be proven to be consensual, whether it was with an adolescent boy or girl, that statutory rape cannot be charged, or, statutory rape is charged in any case involving sex with a minor and a standard sentence is enforced with few exceptions (and certainly none based on gender).

I personally lean toward the latter standard, but the individualistic part of me sympathizes with the former, as I recognize that situations such as with these Latino families, that "statutory rape" can have nothing to do with sexual predators, which is what I believe the law was created to protect against.

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