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Gender Issues In The Election
posted by Scott on Tuesday September 12, @09:34AM
from the political-news dept.
News Adam H submitted this link to an LA Times article on gender preferences in the US presidential election. It's an interesting analysis of voting dynamics in this election and what influences them. Note: The Men's Activism News Network does not officially endorse any presidential candidates.

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gender preferences (Score:1)
by krob4399 on Tuesday September 12, @10:23AM EST (#1)
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From what I can make of the survey results at the end of this article, white men seem to vote Republican and after that, third party. The results do indicate that third party candidates are running for the sole purpose of splitting the male vote. When I was in a labor union, we ran a third man in a race to achieve a vote split so our preferred candidate would win. The third man knew that is the reason he was nominated. I believe if we have learned anything at all from the survey, men would be well off to all back the same candidate in any election in order to prevent this effective vote splitting strategy. That appears to me to be a very good reason for men's organizations to endorse a candidate.
Ken Robertson
Re:gender preferences (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Tuesday September 12, @12:01PM EST (#2)
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Good points, but men are people, and people are diverse. Politics is too much of a hot spot that can alienate people; thus I have decided not to endorse any candidate or party with this site. Otherwise I'd just alienate a good number of my readers, something that I cannot afford to do.

However, I am soliciting submissions of analyses of the candidates from a men's issues perspective, and so far I have received little response from it. My suggestion is that if you want to influence the site readers with regard to political views, do some reasearch and submit something. I would welcome it greatly.

Thanks for your comments,

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