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Experts Debate Whether Boys Or Girls Are In Crisis
posted by Scott on Sunday September 03, @01:15PM
from the boys/young-men dept.
Boys/Young Men George writes "I found this article in the Seattle Times. Despite the title, it's more of a collection of views from prominent people in the field on the difficulties faced by boys compared to those faced by girls than it is about scholarly debates, although it does mention The War Against Boys as a catalyst of the discussion. The article seems to convey a positive message in that all children are worthy of our best efforts to raise them well even though that may mean using different approaches to addressing boys' and girls' problems." Great submission George - thanks!

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experts debate whether boys or girls are in crisis (Score:1)
by fritzc77 on Monday September 04, @12:55AM EST (#1)
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Great submission, indeed! I do not know whether the "experts" are making this a contest of suffering, as was suggested, but as one who has read Ms. Sommers book, I certainly feel she has offered compelling evidence that, while girls' suffering has been addressed, disadvantaged boys have become virtually ignored. And in the end, anytime you seperate people into enemy camps, "them," and "us," I think you risk individuals in both "camps" getting lost in the shuffle, or ground up in the gears of whatever machine has been created. In my mind, this is exactly what the radical gender feminists have done.
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