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'Climate of Fear' Sweeps Europe Over Pedophilia
posted by Scott on Sunday August 27, @09:22AM
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False Accusations This is disturbing news: the media and feminist activists have been joining forces recently in Europe to portray men as sexual predators of young children. This was sparked the the recent "naming and shaming" campaign which lists convicted sex offenders in local newspapers in the UK. Read the National Post story. I've followed much of this news from IHF, but have not bothered to post any of it here until now. This has been building up for some time, and one can only hope that it won't spread to the U.S.

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Climate of Fear Sweeps Europe over Pedophia (Score:1)
by fritzc77 on Monday August 28, @11:48PM EST (#1)
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We men had all better HOPE that this doesn't spread to America(I say "men," because the media doesn't seem to care about the recent problems with child seductions by FEMALE teachers). I have worked in the education field for twenty years, and, aside from a VERY rare handshake, I have made it a personal policy never to touch a student unless I absolutely have to. So the people who started this paranoia in Europe say they want to force the hand of the legislators, but isn't that the same as saying they want the government to watch their kids for them? Isn't it always easier to pass a law or create hysteria than to keep a sharper eye on your own kids? I have heard that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance; well, I believe that vigilance is the middle ground here, and it is where the parents MUST take a more active role. By "active," I don't mean "paranoia," because that is the one extreme, the one that suggests that EVERYONE is doing it, in this case everyone being all MEN. The other extreme is complete naivete, the one that suggests that NO ONE is doing it, that it never happens. I'd like to believe that most thinking people would agree that neither extreme is preferable.
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