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Enter The Mind Of A Modern Woman
posted by Scott on Saturday August 26, @12:32PM
from the exposing-more-double-standards dept.
News Okay, I don't think this is true for all women, but quite a few. The National Post printed this story on how women essentially use men for their money, and feel no guilt about it. Why? "When men hand you money, you're just being treated as you deserve to be treated...It's the new feminism to say, 'I'm expensive. I need lots of attention. I need men to bend over backwards for me'" If men would fully realize this and stop playing into this trap, we would be so much further ahead. Be sure to send this article to every man you know and observe his reaction. Thanks to Peter Dudley for submitting this news story.

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"Material girls have more fun." (Score:1)
by fritzc77 on Saturday August 26, @11:45PM EST (#1)
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I have known about this phenomenom for many years, after trying to enter the dating world in earnest, when the women I would meet would say, though not in so many words, that they were looking for "financial security," and that, basically, I just didn't measure up. Though some were more polite than others, rejection at the hands of a woman who has her own money, but still wants to be taken care of, still hurts, and the hypocrisy of such a person still angers, certainly after I read the article. I suppose the feminists who defend these women have a point, that these women have every right to choose to be, in effect, prostitutes. In fact they do, but as has already been pointed out, we men also have the choice to avoid such women like the plague(which, to me, they unfortuanately are); I just wish more men would exercise that choice in favor of self-respect.
Re:"Material girls have more fun." (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Sunday August 27, @03:02PM EST (#2)
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I'm sure your experience is familiar to many men. I find that this sense of "entitlement" is extremely pervasive in young women (college-aged and below), and will have a profound effect on the way the next generation will deal with intimate relationships. One only needs to read the recent Time magazine cover story "Who needs a husband?" to see that long-term, binding relationships are not what women are looking for nowadays (at least, until they hit their 40's and want to have a child).

The irony is, men may be in some ways better off for not getting married, as it is generally men who pay the highest price when a divorce happens (both financially and emotionally). Regardless, they will still be used as wallets whether they are an official "husband" or an unofficial "sugar daddy".

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