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Vote For Choice For Men!
posted by Scott on Friday August 25, @11:34AM
from the reproductive-rights dept.
Reproductive Rights Vote.com is doing a legal poll on whether men should have the right to abortion. The results of the poll will be sent to Patricia Ireland of NOW and Sidney Siller, Esq. of the National Organization for Men. Click here to cast your vote and show your support of male reproductive rights! Update: The poll is now over. You can view the results by clicking here. Better luck next time, I guess. :(

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Another C4M survey had different results (Score:1)
by c4m on Saturday August 26, @11:23PM EST (#1)
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You might be interested to know that I conducted a C4M survey eight years ago, but I gave the voters a third option: whether they needed to hear more before deciding.

I found that public opinion was roughly equally divided about whether men should have a reproductive "choice", not have a "choice", or whether the voters needed to hear more. Women seem to be more pro choice toward men than men are toward themselves. People who are pro-choice for women are more likely to be pro-choice toward men. Details are here.

Kingsley G. Morse Jr.
Reproductive Rights Chairman
National Center for Men
Re:Another C4M survey had different results (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Monday August 28, @08:35PM EST (#2)
(User #3 Info) http://www.vortxweb.net/gorgias/mens_issues/index.html
Thanks Kingsley! This is some interesting info.

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