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Male Bashing In Chicago - Help Put An End To It
posted by Scott on Sunday August 06, @08:51AM
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News I received an e-mail from Les Farkas who wants to get the word out on a male bashing campaign he'd like to end. A retail store called The Alley in Chicago is posting degrading signs about boys which have said, "BOYS SUCK" and "BOYS CHEAT", among other things. Also included with these anti male signs is a "GIRLS RULE" sign. This is obviously very immature behavior, and on top of that they are promoting male bashing. This is a very busy storefront and thousands of people walk by it each day. Click Read More below to read Les' request for help and what you can do to help put an end to this trash.

Hello! I need help and reinforcements here in Chicago! There is a store called The Alley, on 858 W. Belmont, that on it's Clark St. side has a window display that carries multiple messages like: "BOYS SUCK", "BOYS CHEAT" and "GIRLS RULE". There are other derogatory messages as well.

When I see such a thing, especially on a daily basis as I walk by, I get irritated because I realize that only men, as a group could be so insulted in modern day America. I feel it is partly due to the fact that we are not good at speaking out against such mean stereotypes as other groups. I therefore ask that any men in the Chicago area give them a call if they agree with me - their number is 773-525-3180. The owner is unavailable; ask for "Adriana" (a man) or managers Mike Howdyshell or Paul Robinson. I think that if they hear from enough of us and get enough static, they will think twice before trying such a window display again!

The staff seemed quite conscious of this as a current, hip cultural trend. They are right in that, it is so part of the current cultural climate. Again, I think we men let so much of this go by us, and really we shouldn't. In this case what's at stake is the self-esteem of growing boys and the lousiness of attitude that we are permitting in young women. I like to point out to women that this sort of thing makes American women look bad, like bitchy man haters! It also makes young women arrogant, abusive and bigoted towards guys.

Please let me know how I can get this message out.

Les - lfarkas@enteract.com

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