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posted by Scott on Tuesday August 01, @07:19AM
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News I have received a few requests from readers to post information here, so here they are:

Joe Dunbar is doing some work to help fathers in the Massachusetts court system. If you're from that area and have ever been treated unfairly by attorney and GAL Vicki L. Shemin or Judge Judith N. Dilday, please contact Joe at joewdunbar@hotmail.com. Documented cases of fee disputes or irrational custody recommendations by Shemin would be of particular interest.

Rich Zubaty wrote in to announce a new pro-male book he's about to release, What Men Know That Women Don't. He has a pre-publication edition which is downloadable from this site for a cost of $4. This rate will increase to $24 once the print edition is released, so you might want to check it out now.

Dr. Charles Corry also wanted to warn readers that there are plans to change domestic violence laws in California and Oregon so that both parties are arrested when a 911 call for domestic violence is made. This is not really good news; click Read More below to read his notice and find out why.

E-mail Notice From Dr. Charles E. Corry:

I have heard now from men in both California and Oregon that there are plans to amend the domestic violence laws requiring mandatory arrest to include both parties when 911 is called. I would presume this idea is in response to the obvious injustice perpetrated by "primary aggressor" laws that virtually mandate arresting the male in family violence situations. One suspects a hidden agenda as well.

My sources relate that this idea is being put forth by the local shelters for abused women in their areas. It seems unlikely then that such a proposal has sprouted independently. I have not yet confirmed that this idea has spread to Colorado but it seems likely.

If both parties are arrested then it is evident that any children present will be taken into foster care. It is worth noting that in El Paso County, Colorado, once children are taken into foster care by DHS the parents have a roughly 25% chance of ever getting their children back. Other counties in Colorado probably have similar numbers.

The radical feminist agenda has long advocated the destruction of families in order to free women (see "Why feminists and N.O.W. concern us" at http://www.dvmen.org/dv-13.htm#pgfId-1054798 ). For example, the statement by Dr. Mary Jo Bane (feminist and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College, and assoc. dir. of the school's Center for Res. on Woman) that: "In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them." Or, if you have a strong stomach, read the S.C.U.M. (Soc. for Cutting Up Men) manifesto by Valerie Solanas posted on a Sweet Briar College site at http://gos.sbc.edu/s/solanas.html Many other references are available but it appears certain that the idea of arresting both parties in a domestic dispute is in line with the radical feminist agenda for the destruction of families.

The booming foster care industry in Colorado, and likely elsewhere, would also be enthusiastic supporters of such law.

I do not presently know whether the idea of arresting both parties has crept into VAWA II at the Federal level. Some feedback there would be helpful.

While I strongly advocate the modification of the current domestic violence and abuse laws in order to fix the problem not the blame, the idea of arresting both parties in a family dispute will only hasten the destruction of families and tear more children away from both parents.

The further destruction of families is not an objective any civilized person should favor.

Chuck Corry

You can reach Dr. Corry at the following e-mail address: ccorry@pcisys.net

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