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Changes To British Rape Laws
posted by Scott on Thursday July 27, @11:03AM
from the don't-drink-and-have-sex dept.
News Ace submitted this link to a UK Times article outlining changes to UK rape laws. The most disturbing change is that by default any woman who is intoxicated would not be able to give consent. I think there is a big difference between forcing a person to have sex and having a few drinks with someone and then mutually deciding to have sex. In fact, the latter is quite a popular past time among both men and women! But here's a thought: if both parties are intoxicated and the woman files a rape charge, why shouldn't the man be able to as well?

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What a farce (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on Thursday July 27, @11:44AM EST (#1)
To answer your question: if both of them are intoxicated, why can't the man file rape charges too?

Because men always want sex and have to 'take it' from women! No one can imagine a man saying he didn't consent to sex, no one has the brains to imagine a man not wanting sex. Therefore, no one will ever consider a man a victim of rape.

It's a double standard that needs to be abolished. The idea smacks of men as sexual predators and women as helpless victims. Women are not all innocent and pure, despite every conceiveable message that is put out by the media and society.

thanks for the site - I visit it daily!

Richard (sorry, no account yet)
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