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Censorship Of Men's Issues At Univ. Of New South Wales
posted by Scott on Thursday July 27, @07:40AM
from the feminist-threats-to-free-speech dept.
News An anonymous reader sent in the following media release from the Student Guild Council at the University of New South Wales, Australia. It outlines a proposal for a 'men's issue' of the magazine Tharunka, and outlines in explicit detail that "white, heterosexual male" perspectives are not considered legitimate for the publication. Read on for more details... Update: I have received a response and have updated information on the comment board.

On Tuesday the 18th July 2000, the Student Guild Council passed the following motion, banning Tharunka from producing an up coming "men's issue" that would have dealt with the issues of men in present society, including health, suicides rates, imprisonment rates and men's attitudes to feminism:

"Guild Council condemns any proposal to produce a men's edition or "white heterosexual male" edition of Tharunka. Accordingly Guild Council directs the Media Directors/Tharunka Editors not to produce any such editions or publish material which contravenes general Guild policy (eg K9.4), or Anti Discrimination Legislation, or, which undermines the purpose of women's, lesbian/gay, indigenous or ethnic students' departments."

The edition was planned as a male version of the "Blue Stocking (Women's) Edition" but the Women's Department of the Guild and other council members felt that an edition of Tharunka dealing specifically with men's issue would be considered discriminatory. However, Council also passed a motion at that same meeting which enforces the publication of a Women's Edition of Tharunka. Voting editor Marta Jary was unable to attend the council meeting due to illness and thus Tharunka itself did not have the opportunity to enter a vote in the decision.

Note: the information printed here previously was incorrect. If you want to contact the people responsible for this decision, please e-mail the Contact Officer for the Student Guild Council of the University of NSW: contactlo@guild.unsw.edu.au The staff of Tharunka is in support of the men's edition, but is being threatened by the Student Guild Council.

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