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John Leo And The Boy Crisis
posted by Scott on Wednesday July 12, @08:15AM
from the education-via-Ritalin dept.
Boys/Young Men US News has another great column by John Leo, where he talks about the crisis we face regarding young boys and education. He makes references to the research in Christina Hoff-Sommers' latest book, The War Against Boys, and talks about recent events such as the new sexual harassment guidelines set up in the Manhattan Chelsea school district, which apply to kids as young as 4. As usual, Leo puts out another great pro-male article.

Social Worker Has Sex With Boy Of 15, Then Accuses Him Of Rape | Mother Gives Away Son Because Of Behavioral Problems  >

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boys being boys (Score:1)
by bernee on Thursday July 13, @11:22PM EST (#1)
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very enlightening article
Four kindergarten boys in New Jersey were suspended from school for playing cops and robbers at recess with "guns" (their hands, with one finger pointed out). Teasing, ridicule, and making unflattering remarks are now listed as sexual harassment violations for 4-year-olds and up in public schools in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.
this would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. Fortunately things have not got quite so bad in this country (Australia). It is however topical. As in most of the world, the vast majority of teachers in primary school are women. I was chatting with my son and a couple of his friends (all 9 y/o) as to whether they felt girls were treated differently at school. Without exception they reported that girls were subjected to less discipline, boys were expected to behave like girls in class etc etc. Armed with this we approached his teacher, (herself a mother of a 12 yo boy) and put the allegations to her. She was very pleased to get the feedback - but not much has changed. I have been discussing the possiblity of having 'boys days' at the school where there are boys only classes, supervised by men (perhaps retired teachers), where boys can be boys and issues specific to boys can be discussed. With a significant number of 'fatherless' families it would also give the opportunity for some strong male role modelling. So far the suggestion has been received in a fairly positive note. What I am lacking is any structured program, or even a direction in which to go to put a program together. Does any reader know of any such program or perhaps some texts which may lead me in the right direction? thanks
Re:boys being boys (Score:1)
by Scott (scott@mensactivism.org) on Friday July 14, @08:46AM EST (#2)
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Hi bernee, thanks for your thoughts. It is a very scary situation, and I would hate to be a boy growing up in this day and age.

You best bet might be to hook up with a men's organization in your area and find out if any others are willing to get involved in this idea, and develop some program. Anyone know of any men's rights groups in Australia?

Thanks for posting,

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