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Fred Lane Killed By His Wife - No Charges Filed
posted by Scott on Friday July 07, @01:22PM
from the outrageous-double-standards dept.
Domestic Violence Indianapolis Colts running back Fred Lane has been fatally shot by his wife in a domestic dispute. Despite the fact that police have indeed determined that it was Deidra Lane who shot him, they have not as of this posting pressed charges. Anyone who cares about domestic violence against men should be up in arms, and writing letters to their local newspaper. You can read the Associated Press story here. News submitted by c4m.

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Wives get away with murder (Score:1)
by c4m on Sunday July 09, @02:03PM EST (#1)
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Re:Wives get away with murder (Score:1)
by krob4399 on Sunday July 09, @10:20PM EST (#2)
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Imagine my shock when my doctor pointed out how clearly the records show that my wife decided to commit me, divorce me and take me for all I had rather than to murder me. Too bad Fred's records don't show as convincingly as mine do, that my wife was the abuser in our marriage. My bet is it was Fred's wife who was the abuser and his record actually should show he defended himself and the police artrested him instead of her. If she had been arrested, either way, Fred would be alive now.
Ken Robertson
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