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Upcoming Movie About Domestic Violence Against Men
posted by Scott on Sunday June 25, @11:41AM
from the speak-up-and-stop-the-violence dept.
Domestic Violence Phil Penningroth has been commissioned by the USA cable TV channel to write a movie on the topic of domestic violence against men by women. He is looking for people to contact him and tell him their stories, so he can base the movie on a composite of men's true stories. If you are a man who is willing to tell your story of domestic violence, please contact Dr. Charles E. Corry and he will give you more information. You can remain an anonymous contributer if you wish. And be sure to keep an eye out for this movie - I will look for more info and post it when it nears completion. Dr. Corry's phone number and snail mail address can be found below by clicking on "Read More..."

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., FGSA
455 Bear Creek Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-5820

Telephone: (719) 520-1089 or (800) 874-8670
Facsimile: (719) 328-1588
E-mail: ccorry@pcisys.net
Home page: http://boulder.earthnet.net/~ccorry
Domestic Violence Against Men: http://www.dvmen.org

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