Trial Starts for Brazilian Jail Massacre

Matthew writes "This is a story that I found at (a great site for unbiased international news on gender issues). The story is from BBC News and gives a brief history of the massacre. What the story fails to mention is that all the prisoners killed were men. The gender imbalance in the criminal justice system (all over the world) is an issue that doesn't get discussed as often as it should and when something like this happens (to men) the gender aspect has almost always been completely ignored. Part of the problem, I feel, is that organizations that pay the most attention to these issues (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Peace Brigades International, etc.) tend to have a feminist perspective. It would be beneficial to the people who depend on these organizations if more 'masculists' got involved with these organizations. On a final note I do think that it is to their credit that these organizations are beginning to progress to a more unbiased view of the world. It's just feels agonizingly slow to me."Source: BBC News Network

Title: Brazilian policeman denies massacre

Author: Unknown

Date: June 21, 2001

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