We're Back!

I'd like to thank everyone for being patient for the past five days in which Mensactivism.org was down for the system upgrade. From running out of space on my backup tapes to pulling my hair out trying to configure sendmail, to the lack of responsiveness from the DNS servers which direct the mensactivism.org domain to the correct server, it was a very stressful five days. But with new hardware, a less buggy version of the Slash web engine, and a fresh operating system, The Men's Activism News Network is now prepared for further expansion and some new ideas I've been working on. One of them is a weekly on-line chat session, which I'll release more details about this Friday. It's good to be back!

NOTICE: This story was migrated from the old software that used to run Mensactivism.org. Unfortunately, user comments did not get included in the migration. However, you may view a copy of the original story, with comments, at the following link:


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