An Example of Unequal Sentencing

Neuticle writes "This story is on a 46 year-old woman who hit and killed two elderly people while driving her Benz and talking on the phone at the same time. She was charged on two counts of vehicular manslaughter. The sentence: 120 days HOUSE arrest, restricted driving (only to/from work etc.) and she is "not to use a cell phone while driving". Yeah, that she was only "grounded" for 120 days after killing two people is outrageous, but, especially in light of this study, I'm wondering if she just had one heck of a lawyer, or if gender bias by the judge had anything to do with it. Would a man in the same situation have got away so easy? I can only wonder."Source: The Sacramento Bee [newspaper]

Title: Woman banned from using cell phone while driving after fatal crash

Author: Unknown

Date: June 14, 2001

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