Australian Magistrate Under Fire for Admitting Women Can Lie About Being Raped

Australia's ABC news network is covering the story of a female senior magistrate (judge) who has said that many women lie about rape. Pat O'Shane is defending her comments, saying she is stating a fact: "It's a fact of life, people do it...there is no question that...women do manufacture complaints against men, just as men manufacture all sorts of allegations against women, and for that matter against each other." The outcry from women's groups has been significant, and they are demanding for Ms. O'Shane to resign. The Chief Magistrate of New South Wales is considering reviewing the cases that Ms. O'Shane handles, to ensure she is not given sexual harassment or rape cases.Source: ABC [Australian news network]

Title: O'Shane stands by rape fabrication comments

Author: Unknown

Date: June 16, 2001

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