Pasadena Star News Prints Response On Male DV Victims

Marc Angelucci writes "The Pasadena Star News printed my letter responding to their editor's downplaying of male victims of DV. In the original editorial in which the editor belittles the numbers, the editor made a fool of himself because he assumed the National Institute of Justice was some crazy advocacy group and he said "something called the National Institute of Justice says . . ." When I pointed this out to him and showed him the data, he became upset and evasive, called it "nutty," and said "I don't believe your data." (As though it were "my" data and not the National Institute of Justice's data.) I think he's just upset that he made himself look like a fool." Update: I've fixed the link to the story. Another update: But now it's broken again! Read More to view instructions on how to access it.Source: Pasedena Star News

Title: Men can be victims

Author: Marc Angelucci

Date: June 1, 2001

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