Don't Accept "Virtual Visitation"

Elliot Zaret from sent me this story from MSNBC News. It's an editorial about the latest way fathers can be alienated from their children - the substitution of "virtual visitation" for real visitation when the mother wants to move away. Brock Meeks will have none of it, and sharply criticizes the practice: "the courts believe such herky-jerky videoconferencing sessions are the next best thing to throwing a Frisbee in the park with dear ol' Dad..."This will be another tool for judges to further distance fathers from their children's lives," Stuart Miller of the American Fathers Coalition told the Associated Press." Meeks ends the article with statistics about the prevalence of physical punishment by mothers - which will certainly result in a barrage of hate mail. Perhaps you could write to Meeks and express your support for his courage. Source: MSNBC

Title: Divorced fathers told Net visit with kid is as good as real thing

Author: Brock Meeks

Date: May 16, 2001

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