Britain Going the Way of America with the Divorce Industry

Spartacus submitted this ABCNews story and these excerpts: "Hoping for a slice of the competitive, upscale divorce market pie, Brookman Solicitors, a London law firm has released a campaign featuring a poster of a packed designer suitcase with the caption, "Ditch the Bitch."
Another poster, this one aimed at women, showed a woman in her underwear lying face down on a bed. It reads: "All men are Bastards."...for some women's rights groups, the real villain in this case was the ad campaign. "This is offensive terminology and very derogatory to women," "The heart of the problem, some legal experts feared, was that the British legal tradition was going down the "American road," with aggressive, confrontational campaigns virtually encouraging people to get divorced"
Source: ABC News

Title: Divorce, English Style

Author: Leela Jacinto

Date: May 17, 2001

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