Marriage And Quality Of Life

Bill Kuhl writes "On the NBC Nightly News on New Year's Day there was a segment debunkng the myth that following marriage, on average, the quality of men's lives improves while the quality of women's suffers. The recent study was done by sociologist Linda J. Waite of the Univ. of Chicago. Previously, as NBC pointed out, experts in the field had agreed that, after getting married, men's health tended to improve while women tended to become depressed. (I just can't help but wonder, how were they able to compare their sampling with a cloned group of unmarried men and women? There are too many variables that could have brought about the changes in the two groups' quality of life.) Nonetheless, kudos to Dr. Waite and to NBC for reporting on the politically incorrect study. I might add that the segment mentioned a number of areas in which the quality of women's lives tend to improve. A summary of Dr. Waite's findings can be
found at this link. Perhaps the nicest tidbit that NBC reported was that
only 4% of the married female respondants said they had 'unhappy marriages,' certainly not the picture of marriage that the media and academia would have us believe.

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