Welcome to Our New Server!

As you can see, The Men's Activism News Network is on a new server, and I've given the site a facelift. There is only one problem I've run into, and that's the URL you're seeing at the top of your web browser. It's supposed to say, "www.mensactivism.org", but it's showing my real IP address, which changes frequently!. So don't try to bookmark the site, because it won't work for long. I'll stick some Javascript link to automatically insert a correct bookmark at some point this evening. Thanks for your patience... Update: I haven't found a solution to this yet, and will be doing more research on it tomorrow. Another update: I have a solution to the problem, but it's going to take a few days to implement it. The site will be down at various times this weekend while I work on it.

NOTICE: This story was migrated from the old software that used to run Mensactivism.org. Unfortunately, user comments did not get included in the migration. However, you may view a copy of the original story, with comments, at the following link:


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