College enrollment drops as men stop viewing high ed as helpful for employment

Article here. Excerpt:

'College enrollment among men had steadily fallen for years, according to a December report from the Pew Research Center. The report came out months before the recent wave of anti-Israel campus protests, which have drawn widespread condemnation for their anti-Semitic incidents, disruptiveness, and attacks on law enforcement.

“This shift is driven entirely by the falling share of men who are students at four-year colleges,” the report explains. “Today, men represent only 42% of students ages 18 to 24 at four-year schools, down from 47% in 2011.”

“Today, only 39% of young men who have completed high school are enrolled in college, down from 47% in 2011,” the report continues. “The rate at which young female high school graduates enroll has also fallen, but not by nearly as much (from 52% to 48%).”'

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