'In Her Boots' display recognizes challenges Women Veterans' face

Article here. Excerpt:

'Wisconsin is home to nearly 300,000 veterans. Ten percent of those veterans are women. Out of all fifty states, Wisconsin is one of twelve that recognizes June 12th as Women’s Veterans Day officially.

The display ‘In Her Boots’ can be found at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum to honor Women’s Veterans Day, but to also bring awareness to the many issues Women Veterans face.

138 induvial boots are on display and they represent 138 different stories of Wisconsin Women Veterans.

Megan Haag, a Wisconsin Air National Guard Veteran, has her boot in the display. Haag says “I am proud to be a US Woman Veteran. My father is a Vietnam Veteran and my grandfather received a purple heart in World War II so being a patriot is just near and dear to my heart.”

While the display celebrates and honors the Women who have served our country, most of these boots are decorated to represent the many issues these women faced during their time of service.'

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