The demonisation of our sons: Browbeaten by toxic masculinity crusaders invited into schools, boys are feeling cowed and worthless

Article here. Excerpt:

'Masculinity has been in crisis for as long as anyone can remember. The usual explanation is that post-industrial society doesn't much care for brawn.

We're all office-dwellers now, mutely churning out spreadsheets for other spreadsheet producers.

The theory makes sense as far as it goes. But something else has changed much more recently: a rejection of the very concept of masculinity.

The polling company YouGov found that just eight per cent of people have positive views of white men in their 20s, by far the lowest of any ethnicity or age group.

Males are routinely presented as inherently dangerous, aggressive and animalistic, incapable of controlling their own instincts.

You can see it on public transport, where government advertisements announce that staring is sexual harassment.

We blokes can't even be trusted to use our eyes properly. Teenage boys are routinely disciplined by their schools for even the most minor infractions of an insurgent sexual politics.

A friend's son at a smart English day school was recently hauled up for the crime of unprompted communication with a girl.'

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