Haverford College Senior Sues School Over What He Says Was a False Rape Rumor

Article here. Excerpt:

'A senior at the Main Line’s prestigious Haverford College is suing the school after he says he was the target of a false rape rumor on campus.

The student, who has filed the lawsuit in Philadelphia’s federal court under the pseudonym John Doe, says his problems at Haverford College began in February 2022, when he was a junior. According to the lawsuit, that is when a “false and vicious rumor” began to circulate on campus that he had raped a female student. He claims he never had any physical contact with the student in question.

The rumor spread on social media among students and in the tight-knit group of players on one of Haverford College’s varsity sports teams, where the accused was co-captain. He alleges that other players on the team, including another co-captain, took the rumor to the coach in an effort to get him kicked off of the team. The other captains of the team soon confronted him directly with the accusation but, says the suit, “They provided no specificity whatsoever with regard to the identity of the purported victim, the date, the timeframe, the place, the context, or any other detail” about the alleged assault, which he denied to them. The players later told him in writing that they didn’t want him on the team.'

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