Male menopause: The silent epidemic

Article here. Excerpt:

'Now doctors want to draw attention to a 'silent epidemic' that affects men with extremely low testosterone levels — the male menopause.

Like with women, the term is used to describe the period in an adult man’s life when his hormone levels crash, causing a host of symptoms that shatter sufferers' confidence or are outright debilitating — including erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety and rapid fat gain.
Dr Bob Berookhim, a urologist in New York City and the Director of Male Fertility and Microsurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, told 'In men, declining testosterone levels tend to occur more slowly and can present at any age, and most men are less likely to present with a sudden onset of low testosterone symptoms.

'I think the name hurts the chances for men to come in for care. The term may be considered emasculating to some, and these symptoms are often and uncomfortable for men to talk about at baseline.

'That being said, when patients do come in and I've diagnosed them I call it "Manopause" to get a smile out of them!''

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