Part 3. Intersections of America How Children Learn: C.A.R.E. and the Brain

Article here. Excerpt:

'In Part 3, we explore practices to helping boys thrive in school. Successful educational approaches are overlooked at the highest levels of the educational system and in policy actions while certain smaller grassroots efforts are finding success. Thousands of schools across the country are navigating educational landscapes with limited awareness of the ways brain function impacts learning.

In order for students to find success when it comes to mastering skills, it’s important to understand the cognitive awareness and cognitive readiness of students when it comes to things like decision making, behavior, and the best approaches to stimulating the brain. Cognitive awareness and cognitive readiness apply to students and teachers, who are attempting to stimulate the brains of students whose networks in connectivity are more front to back (males) or left to right (females). Understanding the brain that tends to function more in each separate hemisphere and the brain that functions across both hemispheres to a greater degree partly explains the reason boys and girls learn differently. This, of course, is not an absolute, but certainly true in the majority of boys and girls.'

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