Part 2. The Intersection of Race and Sex in America

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Washington State Department of Health (WA DOH) decided to publish race-based overdose-death data prior to sex-based data, even as requested data shows 70-74% of WA overdose deaths were male in 2021 and preliminary 2022 data. The decision to prioritize the most current overdose-death data by race and not sex on the WA DOH website is a policy, priority decision in the same manner that the NCES reported drops in reading, prioritizing the narrative of one group while minimizing the narrative of a more marginalized group. As of December 9, 2022 the current overdose-death data in Washington State does not include overdose deaths by sex for 2021 and preliminary deaths for 2022.

While Americans battled the COVID pandemic, the Biden administration established the White House Gender Policy Council specifically for girls and women in 2021, even as males were the majority of Covid deaths, 70% of opioid deaths, 80% of suicide deaths, and lost employment at the same rate as women; just to identify a few areas of concern. The White House Gender Policy Council was an extension of Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls, established in 2009, and a Clinton initiative decades earlier. There are decades of programs for girls and women, but the same cannot be said for boys and men.'

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