Did You Know Single Men Cannot Enter This Theme Park?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Comedian Jeff Dye (@thejeffdye) recently posted a TikTok sharing his experience when trying to visit LEGOLAND during his tour. The comedian started the story by asking the audience, “Did you know you can’t go to LEGOLAND if you’re just one man?” before commenting that he found that out the hard way.

Jeff then commented that while on tour in Kansas City, he had twelve hours to kill before a show when he found out that the state has a LEGOLAND, which made him get a car service to go to the Park. However, the experience was nothing like he would’ve expected.

“I walked right up; I go ‘one for LEGOLAND.’ And he goes ‘nope,’” said the comedian before saying that the theme park employee explained that if you don’t have kids or family with you, you’re not allowed to enter the Park. “We don’t let just men into LEGOLAND,” were the words the comedian used.

When Jeff asked why this rule was being enforced, he said the employee explained, “Because here at LEGOLAND, we’re trying to reduce kidnapping.” This surprised the comedian, who said, “one, rude, I’m not a kidnapper, two, what do you mean reduce?” wondering how many kids were being kidnapped at LEGOLAND for them to say “reduce” and jokingly commenting how the Park was aware that some kids could get kidnapped, but that they couldn’t get rid of all of it.'

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