How Feminism Is Stifling Our Sons

Article here. In places, I wanted to barf. But the overall gist of the article is what's important. Excerpt:

'And it made me think—as the mother of a seven-year-old girl, I had been so consumed with female empowerment in the fight for gender equality that I had overlooked my son. At just three years old, he was already picking up on the saturation of the media’s “girl power” messaging, and was now confused about his own role in the world.

After all, how can we advocate for inclusion if we’re not considering their portrayal in the media too? Are advertisements and corporate brands actually encouraging equality, or perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes when it comes to boys?

These questions took me back to a story I wrote last year about men, boys and gender stereotypes; and how the emotional needs of boys in today’s younger generations are being ignored. It's no surprise that along with being harmful to girls, gender stereotypes put boys' self-confidence at risk too. Studies from the past two decades confirm that our focus on girls can leave boys behind in regards to education and well-being. The truth is, boys actually need more emotional support than girls.'

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