Russian mothers are turning deadbeat fathers over to Putin's military draft: 'My ex-husband died as a person a long time ago'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Russian mothers abandoned by their idle husbands have found the silver lining to Vladimir Putin's military draft: turning their exes in for the draft to receive financial compensation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's failing war in Ukraine gave rise to a "partial military mobilization" in which 300,000 new conscripts were called upon to fight. The draft sparked outrage and fear — evidenced by insurmountable protests and Russians attempting to flee the country.

But Russian investigative outlet Verstka reported dozens of women have come together in a ruse to get their exes into the military by giving enlistment offices personal data belonging to the men who abandoned them and their children. There's even an online community in which at least 70 of the women are sharing their experiences and discussing the plot, according to Verstka.'

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