Boys at the Crossroads: navigating masculinity, anger and incel culture

Article here. Excerpt:

'Boys at the Crossroads: Insights and Innovations in Young Masculinities, a multidisciplinary conference event, was held by Bristol Young Men’s Network, alongside University of Bristol researchers and several other organisations, to discuss the impacts of masculinity, violence and mental health on boys and young men. Encouraging critical and practical responses to young men's experiences, the event focused on approaches to tackling male violence and toxic masculine norms that impact people of all cultures, ages and genders.

The conversation centred on the dichotomy between masculinity and mental health faced by many young men during their formative years: on one hand, anger is presented as the only legitimate ‘manly’ expression of emotion, permitting a much-needed release without seeming weak or vulnerable. Yet the issue that anger exists within a culture of shame, also problematised and penalised, was voiced throughout the event. Let’s Get Angry! Highlighted that this conflict can lead to a cyclical repression of emotions until eventually, Pandora’s box bursts open.'

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