Opinion: Andrew Tate’s success reveals feminism’s failures

Article here. Excerpt:

'The answer is a simple one. Feminism launched Tate into eminence. Tate was a pendulum effect that resulted from extreme, modern feminism. As feminists kept villainizing “straight, white, Christian males,” men were faced with two options: either support the feminist narrative or go against it.

Modern feminists have stressed the idea that for women to step up, men would have to step down. They villainized the concept of masculinity, claiming that it was toxic, patriarchal, and harmful. Women and men were never meant to compete against each other, yet, modern feminism has forced people to believe that men are either feminists or bigots.
Young men, who were desperate to break free from the shackles of constant pressure from feminists, turned to Tate as their messiah and wholeheartedly accepted anything he uttered. Tate spoke to the dissatisfaction that young men faced in a world centered around being “woke.”

Young boys were so tired of their identity being constantly berated by feminist extremism, that they gravitated to another extreme: extreme masculinity. Tate not only made men feel validated, but he empowered them by constantly insulting women.

Feminism’s habit of blaming men for all of society’s ills and attempting to feminize them has proven to be a primary reason for Tate’s success, as there has been a prominent lack of traditionally masculine role models. Thus, it comes as no surprise that adolescent boys gravitated toward the “uber-macho” Tate.'

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