College Debt and the Male Burden

Article here. Excerpt:

'In order to understand the debt burden regular Americans will take-on, we must look at the populations impacted by this decision. One data point that is often conflated in the U.S. is the population of males and females. Overall, females outnumber males, but males actually outnumber females in the U.S. until approximately 45-50 years-of-age when men start falling behind. And when it comes to 18 to 24 year-olds, prime college years, the number of males outnumber the number of females.
Even though there are considerably more males, females outnumbered males entering college by significant margins. Both the percentage and total number of males entering college are lower. The college apparatus, for over 40 years, has benefited women more than men; preparing, enrolling, graduating, and providing more scholarships and Pell Grants for women. Billions of dollars annually.

Those who took loans will now receive an additional benefit, and this new debt burden will fall on non-college men during their initial earning years and prime earning years. It will also fall on elderly women and men we see working extra jobs at Walmart who never signed up for the personal debt.
Ironically, predominately male professions (construction, trucking, plumbing, and electrical) will be footing this bill while colleges continue to speak about the ills of patriarchal privilege in buildings built by men who will age and wake up one day with bad knees and painful backs.'

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