AUS: Nightclub bans staring without getting ‘verbal consent’ – and hires ‘safety officers’ in pink vests to police revellers

Article here. Does anyone think this policy will ever be used against female patrons? Excerpt:

'A NIGHTCLUB has banned staring without getting "verbal consent" - and hired "safety officers" in pink vests to police revellers.

The venue also asked clubbers not to turn up if their "sole purpose" for their night out is the meet someone to "pick up".

Club 77 in Sydney said managers will call the cops if clubbers stare at others without getting their consent.

And in an Instagram post, the club said "safety officers" in pink vests would enforce the new staring rules.

Club 77 said it wanted to be a "safe space" and updated its rules as it had recently "attracted some people who do not share our values and ethics when it comes to club culture".

It said: "Creating a safe space goes beyond implementing practices to deal with incidents after they have happened.'

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He doesn't even need to look at anyone. All it takes is for some woman to point to some guy hanging out and say he "is staring at me," and that's that. The Pink Vest Patrol will come for him. I've never seen anything more ludicrous in my life. I'm so glad I'm too old for the club scene these days anyway.

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