"How Women Can Work Better With Men"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Be The Adult
I once read somewhere that behavior is always a reflection of age or stage of development. And Dr. Robert Kegan, who studies adult human development at Harvard University, has found that most individuals are stuck at an earlier stage of development marked by hubris and pride. The behaviors of male colleagues that frustrate women are generally a reflection of that stunted adult development.

With this understanding, it's easier to be the adult, and perhaps easier still if you happen to be a parent. When you see your co-worker as a child who is acting out of line, seeking attention, or interrupting you mid-conversation, you’ll instinctively know how to keep your cool, discern what the situation calls for, and respond assertively when you need to do so. You may not do anything differently to what you’re already doing. But you’ll do so from a place of power.'

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