Who are Smarter – Men or Women? Know These Scientific Studies

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men and women are seen as equal in all aspects of life. Many feminism and equality movements have strengthened the position of women in society. Gone are the days when men would dominate the opposite gender by showing their so-called masculinity. Things have changed for good. Today, many women are leading companies, living freely without worrying about the opinions of society or societal norms. Women have become more liberal and less vulnerable.
According to many recent studies, women are smarter than men. So, what makes them more intelligent than the opposite gender?

Some factors include having a better memory than men, being able to handle stressful situations better than them, having the quality of multitasking, etc. It is found that women are better leaders, more careful drivers, and better students than men. Some studies also state that women are more focused and frugal than men.'

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